Important articles:

The Pandemic and Personal Finance

The current pandemic and lockdown have likely forced us to reevaluate the way we spend our time and money while also providing some valuable perspective.  While nobody asked for our pandemic-related new normal, we can learn from it. In our view, the nature of our spending & prioritization of savings, the sufficiency of our estate & asset protection, and the resiliency of our financial plans are worth re-exploring as we consider the world beyond the virus. Click here to read

When Markets Go Viral 

The new Coronavirus, and fears of a potential global health pandemic and economic slowdown, recently infected the financial markets.  Whether the impetus for market declines and volatility is public health-related, geopolitical or economic in nature, market fear can often be contagious.  As a result, it can be natural to ask the question, “What should we do now?” The better question may be to ask, “How have we prepared?” Click here to read

Covid-19 - The Government Response and How it May Impact You

The COVID-19 virus has altered life for everybody.  The health, financial, and economic implications have been significant, as has the number of changes enacted by the government to combat the economic toll of the virus.  We wanted to provide some highlights that we feel are most relevant to you during this immediate period.  The highlights will focus on the CARES Act, the most substantial fiscal stimulus in American history, as well as changes related to tax filing for 2019. Click here to read