All financial advisors are the same, right?  Wrong.  AtwoB is different because our approach is:


Independent & Owner-Operated

We built this firm to focus on clients first, so we engage you as essential partners in our business.   In a world of mega-brokerages and robo-type services, we provide what they cannot: our skin in the game and a personal touch.  Each and every interaction is with a partner of the firm. Put simply, you are not a number.  Your financial well-being matters to us.



We do not sell products or earn commissions, eliminating any conflicts of interest.  As a fee-only independent registered investment adviser, we are only compensated by you. This means you are the only one we answer to, not some insurance, brokerage, or fund company.  We operate on a completely open-architecture investment platform utilizing an independent, third-party custodian for the safe-keeping of your hard-earned dollars.



As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are legally obligated to act in your best interests 100% of the time, which believe it or not, is not the standard for all financial professionals.



Most people we know have financial priorities they need to plan for,  have investment portfolios that require a strategy  and files taxes each year.  The problem is the need to go to multiple professionals to get all of this done.  Problem solved.  At AtwoB, we provide Financial, Investment and Tax Planning services under one roof with an integrated approach to managing your big picture. The coordination of these services allows us to potentially add value and efficiencies in ways that may not be obvious for those using multiple service providers that never talk to one another.