We’ve developed an integrated financial planning, investment and tax experience that will take you through three steps:

Act – Explore F.R.I.D.A.Y.™ and Get Organized 

The first step is to take action.  We’ll help you to explore and prioritize your needs, wants, and wishes and assess the resources that you have available to fund them.  Your F.R.I.D.A.Y.™ and financial resources are the essential inputs for your financial plan, so we begin the process by helping you define and organize them in a way that is structured, yet enjoyable.  We’ll also provide you with access to your own personal financial portal, which allows you to organize your entire financial life in one place. 

Build – Construct Your Financial, Investment and Tax Plan

Next, we’ll build a spending and savings plan that aligns your money with what matters most to you.  The backbone of the plan will be in quantifying whether your money is being spent and saved in ways that are consistent with what you value.  If not, we’ll help you make the necessary adjustments to move ahead with more purpose and control over your money.  We’ll also help you explore how your current savings for longer-term aspirations like retirement and education will translate into the future.  From there, we create a systematic savings plan that will help you to build a solid foundation for your life now and down-the-road.

We’ll help you grow your savings by creating a thoughtful, comfortable and disciplined investment plan.  We locate your “comfort zone” for investing and create a portfolio that targets the right balance of risk and reward given your financial needs and feelings about money.  Our comprehensive and custom-made approach to investing takes all of your resources into account (401(k), IRAs, taxable accounts, etc.) and progress is monitored regularly. 

Balance – The Present and the Future

We help you implement your plan in a way that promotes balance between short-term spending needs and long-term savings.  Finally, you just go about living.   You’ll have a plan in place to help you experience today and prepare for tomorrow.  As life changes, we’ll always be there to help address any questions you have, as every plan will assuredly require adjustments along the way.  We'll also communicate with you on a continuous basis to ensure that the necessary adjustments are being made and implemented in a timely fashion.