At AtwoB, we provide Financial, Investment and Tax Planning services under one roof with an integrated approach to managing your big picture. The coordination of these services allows us to potentially add value and efficiencies in ways that may not be obvious for those using multiple service providers that never talk to one another.

In our view, “personal financial planning” needs to start with the personal for the financial to be most impactful. Your F.R.I.D.A.Y.™ is the personal aspect of financial planning - the who, what, when, where and why of your life.

Family & Friends, areas of Recreation, and individual Interests that bring you enjoyment today are focused-on first.  From there, we’ll explore the practicality and satisfaction that you derive from your Day Job, as a source of both financial resources and day-to-day fulfillment.  We’ll concurrently explore future Aspirations like planning for retirement and college needs along with other wants and wishes.  The final step in the framework is to balance and align Your Values in a way that gives you control of it all.


Friends & Family






Day Job




Your Values


Once you’ve explored and prioritized what’s most important to you, we'll help you get financially F.I.T. Our fully-integrated process is designed to place you on the path to complete financial fitness.  Financial Planning forms the foundation of the experience. Investments aim to help to accelerate your progress,  and everything is managed with a keen Tax-awareness to maximize long-term effectiveness.  We believe that the sum of these services, if coordinated and working together, is undoubtedly greater than the individual pieces by themselves.

Importantly, we recognize that life is always evolving, which is why we adjust along with you from AtwoB.  We’ll help you to Act and get organized.  We collaborate with you to Build a plan that aims to provide consistent progress.  And we’ll always work to find the ongoing financial Balance between present-day lifestyle and future flexibility.  The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy your today while preparing for tomorrow, knowing that your money has the purpose that you want it to have.