How do you get paid for your services? Are there hidden fees or commissions?

At AtwoB, our interests are aligned with yours. We charge no commissions of any kind outside of normal transaction fees charged by the custodian. For investment services, we get paid a percentage of the money we manage for you.  Our investment advisory blended fee schedule is:

1.00% up to the first $1 million 
0.85% for the next $1 million to $3 million
0.65% above $3 million

For those who engage us for financial planning services, we offer the following discounted blended fee schedule (as compared to investment-only engagements):

0.85% up to the first $1 million  

0.75% for the next $1 million to $3 million

0.60% above $3 million

Financial Planning

Our financial planning fees are ongoing (monthly, quarterly, annual), or on a fixed or hourly fee project basis.  For our ongoing engagements, there is an upfront fee based upon a higher amount of work necessitated at the outset of each relationship, followed by and ongoing fee to maintain and monitor the plan and be available as our clients need us.  The range of upfront and/or annual fees for an ongoing relationship are between $500 and $5000.  Our fixed fees range from $500 to $5000.  Hourly fees are billed at $200/hour.

Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation fee schedule can be found here.