In our opinion, everyone! You do not need to be incredibly wealthy to benefit from a financial plan. You just need to have the desire to achieve a sound financial future and be prepared for life changes and unexpected circumstances. A qualified financial planner and investment advisor can help you set achievable goals, recognize your financial weaknesses, and develop a comprehensive strategy to move you forward.

We value the opportunity to work with those who are willing to commit to sound principles of financial planning and investment management. Regardless of the amount of investable money that you have, we are ready and willing to help you through the financial planning process.


At AtwoB, our interests are aligned with yours.  We charge no commissions of any kind outside of normal transaction fees charged by the custodian.  For investment services, we get paid a percentage of the money we manage for you.  Our investment advisory blended fee schedule is:

1.00% up to the first $1 million 
0.85% for the next $1 million to $3 million
0.65% above $3 million

For those who engage us for financial planning services, we offer the following discounted blended fee schedule (as compared to investment-only engagements):

0.85% up to the first $1 million  

0.75% for the next $1 million to $3 million

0.60% above $3 million

Financial Planning

Our financial planning fees are ongoing (monthly, quarterly, annual), or on a fixed or hourly fee project basis.  For our ongoing engagements, there is an upfront fee based upon a higher amount of work necessitated at the outset of each relationship, followed by and ongoing fee to maintain and monitor the plan and be available as our clients need us.  The range of upfront and/or annual fees for an ongoing relationship are between $500 and $5000.  Our fixed fees range from $500 to $5000.  Hourly fees are billed at $200/hour.

Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation fee schedule can be found here.


Charles Schwab is the independent third-party custodian we employ to safeguard our clients' assets. This relationship provides an additional benefit because we do not take custody of your assets. 

Our investment philosophy is to “Control the Controllable.” By focusing on the controllable aspects of portfolio structure – risk, diversification, costs, tax efficiency, and behavior – we believe we set our clients up to benefit from the asymmetric positive rewards that accrue to investors that are willing to take investment risks. . Click to learn more about our Investment Philosophy and Portfolio Construction Process.

In the early stages, we meet with clients or have conversations on a frequent basis – usually resulting in three to four setup meetings.  It is important for you to know how the implementation of your financial plan and investment program will take place so that you feel comfortable with the approach. For us, this communication is helpful so we can make sure our actions are consistent with your expectations. While we pro-actively monitor your progress, the financial plan should be revisited at least once a year, while discussions related to the investments can occur as wanted/needed but once-a-year at minimum. We are always available to revisit or answer questions about financial issues that are important to you.  All clients will also have access to our most recent insight into the investment markets and financial planning topics via email or our blog.

We will help you develop the best portfolio for your overall plan using the available funds in your retirement plan in unison with any other funds that we may invest on your behalf .

You may access your account online by utilizing the login feature on the AtwoB website or by visiting the Charles Schwab website directly.

No. We require 30-days written notice for termination of service.

We want to get to know you before we open an account for you. To get that process started, please contact us whenever you are ready!